What we Believe

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a welcoming spiritual home for those seeking God's presence, preparing us to serve others in Jesus' name.


Our Vision

UCCSV's vision is

to live as seekers in relationship with God,

witnessing the Gospel through service to others

as disciples of Jesus the Christ



Our Basic Beliefs


  • that we are called to become disciples of Jesus the Christ, following his example as the model of our ministries.
  • that the Bible is a testament to faith; Its Truth transcends literal interpretation.
  • that God is present at all times, and we choose to respond to that presence.
  • that we experience God's presence in prayer, in praise, in service to to others, in word, in inspiration.
  • that one way God's presence is made known to us is through people, often in acts of compassionate care.
  • that God is love, bringing justice and grace, peace and reconciliation, to individuals and communities.
  • that God gives every person gifts for contributing to the mission of this church.
  • that this congregation is called to be a welcoming and accepting community, where ones gifts are identified, confirmed and developed.
  • that the work of the Holy Spirit is life-giving and life-sustaining
  • that music glorifies God and gives nurture and expression to the soul.

Our Core Values


  • the experience of God in our lives, made known to us in Jesus the Christ.
  • faith development and Christian education as a life-long tranformational process.
  • the church as a caring community, providing places of connection for all people.
  • the development of meaningful relationships within the caring community.
  • music as a vital expression of faith.
  • the ministries of service and outreach.
  • hospitality and treating all people with respect.
  • sharing those gifts entrusted to us with glad and generous hearts.
  • compassion as an expression of Christian discipleship.
  • joy and humor as experiences of Christian community.
  • commitment to social justice and peace.


An Open and Affirming Congregation

We welcome everyone seeking God's presence to our service of worship and into the full life and leadership of the church. Whatever your background might be – your race, your nationality, your age, your physical or mental ability, your gender identity or expression, your sexual orientation – whoever you are and wherever you come from, we welcome you into our community of faith. As an Open and Affirming congregation, the United Church of Christ of Seneca Valley welcomes people of all sexual orientations and all gender identities and expressions.


Our Denomination

We are part of the United Church of Christ. The United Church of Christ (UCC) is a distinct and diverse community of Christians that come together as one church to join faith and action. With over 5,000 churches and nearly one million members across the U.S., the UCC serves God in the co-creation of a just and sustainable world. The UCC is a church of firsts, a church of extravagant welcome, and a church where "…they may all be one" (John 17:21). Click here to learn more about the UCC.


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