Be Curious: Surviving and Thriving in an Angry World - New Fall Series starts September 17th
October 5, 2023, 2:47 PM

We live in a time of book bans, increased gun violence, rising anger and intolerance, a desire to erase our history and more. Do our scriptures help us to understand this time in our world? Can they give us tools to help us find our footing and push back against the shadows? Join us for our fall worship series when we will explore ways to stay curious about the world around us and our place in it while connecting to God as an antidote to the increasingly angry world around us.

9/17 - Stay Curious Introduction

9/24 - Asking Questions with Empathy and Compassion

10/1 - Living with a Sense of Wonder (World Communion Sunday)

10/8 - Taking Risks and Making Mistakes

10/15 - Admitting We Don't Know it All

10/22 - Staying Flexible and Changing Our Minds

10/29 - Developing an Imagination Centered in Hope

On Monday evenings during the series you are invited to join an hour long Zoom starting at 7:30pm to continue the conversation started in worship that week. Joining together with Hope UCC in Alexandria (VA) and Rock Spring UCC in Arlington (VA) we'll have a discussion about the scriptures and themes from Sunday and invite you to explore spiritual practices as a way to stay curious. For the link for continuing the conversation please email our church office at