What to Expect
  • If I'm coming to worship what should I wear?

    Come as you are! You'll find a wide variety of fashion in worship from people's "Sunday Best" to business casual to jeans and a t-shirt. Those who come online may still be in their pjs! We invite you to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and helps you to connect with God and with others. 

  • What is worship like?

    UCCSV strives for a worship experience that is engaging, interesting, joy filled, spiritually rich, community driven and relevant to people's lives. Often worship is organized around a worship series focused on helping you in your faith journey or grounded in the rhythms and seasons of the church year. There is a theme of the day and the entire service will be knit together based on that theme. We use a traditional worship structure but the words to our prayers are contemporary in nature. Our music runs the gamut from traditional hymns to contemporary praise songs to brand new compositions and everywhere in between. Worship is both in person and online. if you would like to check out one of our recent services please click HERE

  • If I'm a new visitor coming to worship on Sunday will I have to say or do anything?

    If you're new to our church community, it's likely lots of people will say hello and welcome you to worship. However, we will never single you out in worship or require you to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing. During the service we do have responsive prayers where the entire congregation is invited to say the words up on the screen. We also stand for a few things and participate in worship in other interactive ways. However, if you simply sat in the pew and just watched that would be just fine. We invite you to participate as works for you. We may ask you to leave your contact information so we can be in touch but we will never spam you with information or emails/calls. We know how scary it can be to come to a new church and we will do all we can to help ease that transition and let you know that you are welcome here. 

  • If I'm new to church will I be required to give any money?

    We don't require anyone to give money to be a part of our church community. Visitors are especially welcome to simply attend and experience without any pressure to give. If you decide to stay and be a part of the community we would encourage you to consider giving in order to help support our ministry work. 80% of our budget comes from gifts and donations to our community. Our work is only possible because people in our community support that work both financially and with their time and talents. But we also recognize that everyone has different means and so we ask members and friends of the church to give what they can out of their abundance. 

  • How often do you serve communion?

    We serve communion every first Sunday of the month and during additional special services as appropriate. All are welcome at our communion table and we use gluten free bread and wine or juice. Children of all ages are welcomed to take communion. 

  • What is available on Sunday mornings for my children?

    We believe it's important for children to be in worship and experience the service alongside their family and as a part of our intergenerational community. To make it easier for them to stay in service we have created a "Prayground" which is a small area with a rug, a kid sized table, and a variety of toys, books, and manipulatives to keep their bodies and minds engaged. This area is near the front of the sanctuary so the kids can see what is happening in worship but is tucked over on the side so that they are not the center of attention. There is also a nursery area in the room next to the sanctuary for infants and toddlers with a changing table and toys that is always open for families to use if needed. 

    We are in the process of rebuilding our ministries to families and children that were effected by the pandemic. At this time we do not have an active Sunday School class but are looking to build alternative possibilities including mini-classes after worship during fellowship time. We always welcome children and youth participation in church on Sunday mornings and throughout the week with our ministries. 

  • How can I get involved? How do I join the church?

    We'd love to have you be a part of our community! For ideas on how to get more involved go HERE

    We hold orientation/New Member's classes a few times a year depending on the level of interest. Orientation is two sessions and attendees will be asked to watch our orientation videos and then join with others in questions and discussion. If at the end of those sessions you would like to officially join our congregation we will welcome you in with a short ceremony during a worship service.