Our Campus

Our Church Building

Our church building was completed in 1988. The tall, narrow face of the entrance and its high pitched roof were meant to evoke the image of a church without the need for a steeple. In fact, the original building design didn’t include one, but members felt strongly about including a traditional steeple and one was added. The base of the first steeple didn’t match the pitch of the roof perfectly, however and it blew off during a wind storm. The current spire is securely fixed with guy wires and inspected periodically to ensure it stays put. There was also a desire to clearly identify the building with the United Church of Christ. The cross, crown and orb ironwork above the entrance and on the main door emulate the primary components of the UCC logo.




The Prayer Garden

A path from the church’s west side leads to the Prayer Garden. Despite being close to Clopper Road, it is a peaceful place to reflect or visit those whose ashes are interred here.







The Labyrinth

The labyrinth provides another contemplative space on our grounds. Walking labyrinths are often for prayerful thought or as a way to put aside the outside world and quiet one’s mind. Our labyrinth is based the medieval Chartres pattern and was built as part of an Eagle Scout project.





Our Commitment to Creation Care


Our rain gardens help purify water and control runoff from our parking lot. Our solar panels make the electricity used by our church. Whatever energy we don't make ourselves, we get from wind power so our building is totally powered by renewable energy.





Historical Graveyard


Just past our property line in the north corner of the church grounds is a small grave yard from the times when much of the nearby land was owned by farmers. When the church was built it was surrounded by cow pastures on three sides and corn fields across the street.